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Andrico Goosen: (+27) 74 530 7226
Email: theloftpuppetco@gmail.com
Address: The Shed, Cape Town, South Africa
Andrico or Andy, as everyone refers to him, is a tall and slender guy. The only guy surrounded by a group of talented and hard working women. After his training to become an actor and director, he became intrigued by the art of puppetry and object theatre. In 2014 he went about researching Object Theatre and released a paper called "Object Theatre: The Resurfacing of the Imagination". It is in this year that he met Marieke Breyne from Belgium and co-created an object theatre performance in Stellenbosch. This was the beginning of what gave rise to his love for puppetry. In puppetry he had found a world of endless possibilities. A world in which he could further explore his love for the natural world. In his free time he reads and surrounds himself with the politically and environmentally courageous. He recently took up piano lessons and learnt that the greatest composers struggled to finish their music, just like many other artists. The only enemy that Andy faces is Time. So many big and bold ideas, so little time.
Marelize Viljoen, a.k.a Muis, is from an outerspace galaxy known as Murtegur. She travelled to this universe, mainly because her parents wanted to do sight-seeing. Marelize doesn’t know how exactly she ended up on earth, but so far everything has been pretty much the same as her previous world. The things Marelize really like about earth is that earth in itself is a woman. Their planet was a goose. Geese are scary. Marelize also likes the fact that this planet consist of a gigantic amount of colours, colours that you can see, feel, taste and experience. Her planet only had one colour: beige. Gross. Marelize still has much to learn about earth and its inhabitants, but luckily she’s not alone. Through her journey she came across a group of very interesting human beings. They are on a quest to learn as much skills as they can so that they can one day travel through space and time, to do a theatre show on Murtegur, Marelize’s home planet.
Anoecha Krüger is an actress and puppeteer. She graduated from the Stellenbosch Drama Department in 2015, majoring in acting. She made her professional debut in Christiaan Olwagen’s Die Huis van Bernarda Alba, other works include Maria: a study in segments at Youngblood and HAM at the Drostdy Theatre. Storytelling and make-believe keeps her sane in this chaotic world.